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Marble Serving Tray

Item No.: NM-PL-RE-3020W
Product Name: Marble Serving Board
Item No.: NM-PL-RE-3020W
Material: Natural Marble
Size:  30*20cm / 11.8*7.9cm
This quality Marble Serving Tray serves a great piece for cheese collections.
Made from  quality Natural Marble and cut from one piece, this Natural Marble is extremely durable and has no chance of splitting. The board features a rustic rope tie, so the board can be hung on the wall when not in use.

Packaging with color box or jute string or simply shrink wrap are all available for various sales pack.

Natural Marble + Acacia Wood provides a wonderful selection of grain patterns, colour variations. The Marble Serving Tray crafted from quality marble will have variations in colour and grain in each plate used to create the Marble Serving Tray. Same as "no two trees are exactly alike", same for the colour & thickness & grain of the marble within the Marble Serving Tray will vary from each other, making each Marble Serving Tray is unique and inevitably they differ slightly in terms of finish and appearance.