Marble Pestle and Mortar,Mortar & Pestle
Mortar & Pestle

Marble Pestle and Mortar

Item No.: NM-MT-RD-002G
Product Name: Marble Pestle and Mortar
Item No.: NM-MT-RD-002G
Material: MARBLE
This Marble Pestle and Mortar is crafted from raw marble; the perfect additon to any kitchen.
Crush, grind, puree and mix herbs and spices with this Raw Marble Pestle and Mortar. This marble Pestle and Mortar can come along with our Raw Marble Salt and Pepper Pots would be the perfect gift for a novice or experienced chef. 
This Marble Pestle and Mortar is perfect for a chef as the weight of the marble means that the product won't slip and slide when grinding.

Packaging with color box or jute string or simply shrink wrap are all available for various sales presentation