Marble Coaster (Square),Coaster

Marble Coaster (Square)

Product Name: Marble Coaster
Item No.:
Material: Marble
Size: 10*10 cm/ 3.94*3.94 inch
Description Marble Coasters
Product Name: Marble Coaster
Size: DIA 10 cm
Type: Tableware
Material: Marble
Other Materials Option: Granite, Marble, Slate, etc.
Shape Option: Square, Round
Finish: Polished
1. Marble coasters protect your table surfaces from drink ring stains.
2. Unlike regular coasters, the marble coaster is a bit heavier so the cup does not stick to it when the cup lifted.
3. The natural marble surface will not absorb liquid and prevent from temperature–related damage by hot drinks.
4. The marble coasters measure 10 cm from point to point which is a perfect size for any average sized glass.

(As it's a natural material, the veining for each will vary. It's one of a kind. )

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To prevent from leaving those frustrating stains on your countertops, desktops, kitchen tables, or other home and work surfaces! The edges of the polished marble are not rough which gives a very elegant touch to it. Made of natural stone, these natural marble coasters are handcrafted. Slippery round mini soft EVA footed at the bottom of the coaster provides stability to prevent scratch and slippery from table surface. Marble coasters with an gift bandage and card add an elegant feeling to your home or apartment. Fits coffee mugs, wheat glasses, stout glasses, beer glasses, wine glasses and shooter glasses.  That is Perfect for a Gift!